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If you want to write in bold fonts on Facebook, use italics, underline the text or make it as original as possible and use completely different fonts than usual, you have found the article you are looking for.

But, first of all, you need to take into account a very important aspect. There are no native ways to write in bold on Facebook or use any other font on the social network.

Not all letters are worth it

To be able to write in bold on Facebook we must refer to third-party applications, third-party applications that invite us to write text, and finally select the format that we want to copy and paste in Facebook or another application.

Because each operating system uses a unique font for the entire operating system. As you may have noticed, and if I didn’t tell you, all the apps on your device managed by Android or iOS use the same font.

All applications use the same font to display text. The same happens in Windows, macOS and Linux. There are individual fonts for the entire system.

This does not mean that other fonts cannot be used, however, if those fonts are not available or recognized by the system, the text will not be displayed correctly.

Question marks or black boxes will be displayed instead. The same happens when someone sends us emotional scenes that are not on our device.

Some of the options I’ll show you in this article to write in bold, italics or symbols on Facebook allow us to check if the font is compatible with the operating system on which it will be displayed.

On desktop operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux) we have no problem viewing the fonts we have used. However, on mobile devices, it will be more complicated to correctly see the different fonts that we can use.

How to write boldly on Facebook

To write in bold, italic, crossed out, underlined, with balloons… the available options are very diverse and range from web pages to apps for mobile devices.

In this way, if we regularly use a computer and a mobile phone or tablet to post on Facebook, we will not face any limitations or be forced to use only one platform or another.


Let’s start with YayText. YayText is one of the most complete web pages for composing the text we want to publish on Facebook or any other social network.

In addition, before using one or the other, it allows us to check that the font is displayed correctly on mobile devices, because, as I mentioned above, we do not have any problems on computers.

YayText’s functionality is more than simple. To make a text bold, italic, underlined, crossed out, emoticon… we need to do the following steps:

Brave on Facebook
  • First we go to the web through this link .
  • Next, we go to the text box and write the text we want to format (pardon the excess).
  • Next, we scroll down and find the option we want. In this case it will be Bold (serif) or Bold (sans).
  • To the right of the font name, click the Copy button to save it to the clipboard.
  • Next, we open Facebook to create a post and paste the text.

After we paste the text, continue writing without pressing both before and after the text we pasted.


Fsymbols is another website we have to bold text to be published on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp or any other platform.

  • First, we access the Fsymbols website through this link .
  • Next, we go to the text box and write the text in the format.
  • Next, we scroll down and find the option we like the most.
  • To the right of each option, we find the copy button. By clicking on that button, the text will be copied in its format to the clipboard of our device.
  • Finally, we need to open the Facebook application (or wherever else we want to use it) and paste the text.

After we paste the text, continue writing without pressing both before and after the text we pasted.

Unlike YayText, we cannot check that the format we have chosen will display correctly on all mobile devices.

Fsymbols has a huge collection of symbols and kaomojis to share in our messages. All available symbols are categorized, making it very easy to quickly find the one you are looking for.

Fonts: Fonts and fonts for Instagram

If you primarily post to your social networks from your mobile phone, the option of using a web page is probably not appropriate. Solution for using Fonts app: Font and Typeface for Instagram.

Although the name of the application shows the word Instagram, as I have mentioned several times in this article, formatting the text through the web pages I have commented above or using this application is valid for any platform.

We have a variety of fonts for this application to format the text of our publications in a very simple and fast way.

To format the text we want to publish, we need to perform the following steps:

  • We open the application and write text to the form.
  • Next, select the font we want to use.
  • Once selected, we press the copy button to almenarla the clipboard of our device.
  • Finally, we open Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any application where we want to publish and paste the text.

This app works from Android 5.0. It is completely free to download, and contains ads and in-app purchases. It has an average rating of 450.000 stars out of 5 possible after receiving more than 4,7 reviews.